How to Choose The Best Smartphone

Smartphones have now become crucial in our lives, and choosing one is no easy feat, given how much choice we have nowadays. With so many brands and types available, it may be easy to fall for marketing gimmicks instead of making a balanced decision. In this article, we are going to cover some tips on how to choose a smartphone that you’ll love.

1.       Set your priorities

There are many criteria to consider when buying a new gadget but your final decision will depend on which criteria you deem to be the most important. Is it a price point? Is a long-lasting battery more important for you rather than a great processor? Usually, deciding on the price you are ready to pay for your new gadget can help narrow the choice. When you have planned the budget, you can then choose an operating system you’d like to use, and the features you need the most.

2. Pick an OS

There are two major operating systems (OS) for smartphones today: iOS created by Apple, and Android, maintained by Google. The latter is an open system, meaning many smartphone producers may use Android for their phones, while iOS is an Apple-only OS. iOS is traditionally praised for its functionality within the Apple ecosystem while also being more stable and secure, and Android is regarded as a highly customizable and open OS, allowing you to install apps from any source. This feature can also pose a security threat for your device, so you may reconsider using Android if you are an inexperienced smartphone user.

3. Filter by features

When you are finished picking an OS, your choice becomes even narrower: in case with iOS, the latest iPhone would be your best bet, while Androids still present a large choice. Look back at your list of priorities and open any online store to filter by screen size, RAM, and processor to determine if the gadget can perform the tasks you intend to use it for.

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