3 Technology Facts You Didn’t Know

The world of technology is amazing — despite the fact the industry is relatively young, it’s full of secrets and surprising facts not many people know. Some of the facts are related to obscure technology from the past, but some are completely mind-blowing — did you know that Apple Computer at one point sold clothes, beer steins, and wind-surfing equipment? In this article, you’ll find out more about this and more surprising technology facts.

  1. Apple designed an apple-shaped flip-phone

In 1985, long before the first iPhone, Apple has already been designing phones that would certainly draw the world’s attention. The thing is, the phone patented by Apple was literally… the Apple logo. When opened, the plastic apple-shaped phone hid a speaker, a small screen, and a keyboard. No doubt, had the kitschy gadget been released, it would be a hit among collectors today. 

2. Google was almost sold in 1999

Excite, a major web company in 1999, has made an offer to buy Google Inc. that fell apart because Excite CEO George Bell was afraid that Google’s search algorithms would drive users away from Excite’s websites by showing them better search results than the ones Excite’s search engine could show. Excite planned to buy Google for $750,000, but today it would worth more than $700 billion. 

3. Apple used to sell clothes

When Steve Jobs left the company he had founded, Apple wasn’t experienced its best times. John Sculley, Apple’s then-CEO and an ex-president in PepsiCo, decided to use Apple’s brand to create The Apple Collection. It was a catalogue consisting of Apple-branded pretty much everything, from tees and straw hats to coffee mugs and… Apple-shaped jewelry? A collection that reminds more of a pop-art exhibition was a complete flop and a glaring symptom of the ailment Apple Inc. was going through in the late 1980s.

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