3 Successful Technologies That Were Supposed to Flop

Today’s world is filled with amazing technologies that we can’t imagine our lives without. But even the best gadgets that seem like instant success went through trials and tribulations not many people know about. In this article, we’ll cover the most known tech that was thought to fail.

1.       iPad

An unlikely entry on this list, the iPad was announced during the era when tablet PCs failed one after another due to the price point, uninspired design, and little to offer under the hood. The fact that Apple already had Macbook Air, a more familiar and capable product, also brought confusion. Nevertheless, “the oversized iPhone” sold more than 15 million units in just 9 months after its launch, and deserved the love of customers, continuing for 10 years and counting.

2. Spotify

“Paying for music when I can download anything I want for free? No, thanks” — this was probably the thought of every music listener when they found out about Spotify. Indeed, the “internet radio” arrived during the rise of piracy, and many were puzzled by the need to pay for music. The successful marketing campaign along with the possibility to use the service for free led to the huge success of Spotify around the world, revolutionizing the music industry.

3. Huge phones

The mobile phone design saw a gradual decrease in size over the years, turning the first brick-like gadgets into tiny flip phones, and later, touch-screen-based phones. The reversal of the trend seemed ridiculous to many — no one could have fathomed walking around with a tablet when you could have a light and handy phone. When Samsung tried their hand at Galaxy Note, reviewers proclaimed that the phablet is doomed. However, the Note’s Super AMOLED screen and S Pen turned out to be a great combo, giving birth to the new type of devices on the mainstream market.

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